Who Knew?- Dryer Lint for the Creative.

In the last blog I told you about the dangers of clogged up dryer ducts. For every load of laundry you do bits of fiber break off from our clothing due to the friction caused during the drying cycle. Those tiny bits of fiber accumulate and form together to what we know as lint. Which looks a lot like what your cat yaks up. A lot of us forget to clean out our dryer lint. If let uncleaned, the lint builds up over time. This makes for some opportune conditions to start a fire in your home. As Sweet Brown said, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” In a way, dryer lint can be labeled as “non purposeful.” I mean what can one actually do with something that looks like a fur ball? In this post I’m going to share with you some creative ways for you to use give purpose to your dryer lint.

Fire Starter

There’s a reason dryer lint is responsible for 17,000 fires in the U.S. each year: It’s incredibly flammable. Start collecting lint to use as a fire starter for your camp fire this summer. I’ve also heard you can create a fire-starting block by mixing lint with melted wax from candle stubs and pouring it into an empty cardboard egg carton.

Pet Bedding

If you have pets like mice, hamsters or guinea pigs I have so many questions for you. Seriously though, for nesting purposes, add lint to the cage. Heads up! If you use a cage heater, DO NOT use lint! That would be fire hazard. And would  make for some crispy pets.

Use it as Mulch

I’ve seen this used on several occasions. Apply dryer lint to indoor or outdoor plants to help them stay warm in winter months and retain water. Over time, the lint will break down in the soil.

Soak up Motor Oil

Take a handful of lint to soak up the mess from a motor oil spill, antifreeze, or other liquids in the driveway.

For my Artsy Friends

Now I’ve never seen anyone do this. However, the internet tells me you can do this so it HAS to be true. I’ve heard if you can use leftover lint as stuffing for pillows or quilts, or use it to make paper mache or clay. If you do this please send me a picture to let me know people actually do this.


You can always toss your lint into your compost pile. However, don’t do this too often if you use dryer sheets. This adds unwanted chemicals to your compost.

What about you? Do you have any innovative ways to give lint purpose? If nothing else, if you never use lint in any of the the aforementioned ways, the knowledge of these six creative uses of dryer lint will make for an excellent conversation starter at your next networking event.

Give Purpose to your Lint