• Are there any safety concerns?

    If you know of any safety concerns in your home, please let me know. For example- attic pull down stairs that fall on your head or electrical fixtures that shock when touched. 

  • Can I stay for the inspection?

    Yes. This is your home and I’m a guest. Depending on the size of the home, it normally takes me between 2-5 hours to complete an inspection. So please plan accordingly.  Also, if you didn’t hire me to do the inspection, please know that I can’t answer any questions about my findings or share my report with you. By law, I am only allowed to report my findings to my client or people they have authorized to see it. However, if I find safety concerns or things that may be harmful to you or other occupants I will share those findings.  

  • Should I have my appliances ready to operate?

    I will inspect the operation of dishwashers, ovens/stoves, installed microwave ovens and garbage disposals. Please ensure that the appliances are empty and the power supply is turned on.  This may seem like a no brainer, but I have inspected homes where the circuit breaker is turned off and or there are dishes or food in the appliances. I will not turn a circuit breaker on if I find it in the off position because I can’t be sure that it was not turned off for a safety reason.

  • Should I have my own inspection before placing my home on the market?

    You may want to consider having your own pre-listing inspection performed prior to placing the home on the market. A pre-listing inspection allows you to find out early what repairs are needed and it gives you the time to get price quotes from different contractors. The pre-listing inspection also eliminates a great deal of anxiety and stress because you are now aware of the things that need to be repaired and not rushed by real estate closing deadlines. It also allows for the home to be more realistically priced. For example, if you find that the roof or siding needs repair or replacement and you don’t wish to spend money on repairing  it at the time, you can adjust your asking price accordingly or at least be prepared for negotiations. On the other hand, if you receive a positive pre-listing inspection report you may wish to let potential buyers know this. Most buyers will still opt to have their own inspector inspect your home. However, it shows that you were proactive in your efforts to find potential issues with the home and have them repaired.  Having a pre-listing inspection can reduce stress, save money, and also allow for a smoother home sale.

  • Should my lights and fans be functional?

    My inspection includes checking the function of all lights and ceiling fans. If there are inoperable lights and they just need a bulb replaced, please be sure to do this prior to the inspection. If the light is not working at the time of inspection, I have no way of knowing if it’s just a broken bulb or a more serious electrical problem. My report will reflect it as a defect that may need review by a licensed electrician. Also, if your ceiling fans operate by remote control please have them available.

  • Will you need access to the Main and Sub-Electrical panels?

    Please provide access to your main and sub electrical panels (fuse or circuit breaker box). I have to remove the panel covers to check the interior components. Having a clear and unobstructed path to the panel is necessary. 

  • Can I leave my pet(s) in home if I won't be there?

    Having a dog barking every time you move can be very distracting. If you will not be home to monitor your pets please be prepared to have them gone during the inspection. I love animals, but I do not want to be responsible for them escaping from the home and then trying to retrieve them. 

  • Will you need access to the crawl space and attic(s)?

    My inspection includes inspecting both the attic and crawl space. Please ensure that crawl space/attic doors are unlocked and access is clear and unobstructed. 

  • Do I need to have my utilites on (ex.gas for fireplaces)?

    Please ensure that the electrical power is on and that all circuit breakers/fuses are turned on. As stated earlier, I can’t turn on a breaker/fuse that I found in the off position due to safety concerns. Also, ensuring that gas pilot lights are on to appliances is a great help as I cannot light them for the same safety reasons.

  • Do my windows and doors need to be operable and accessible?

    I will inspect all doors and windows for proper operation and it’s a great help to have them accessible so that I can check each one. If you have casement windows, please have the hand cranks near the windows (some people remove them).  Open all blinds and shades for easier access and operation. Also, if the door or window is blocked by furniture or breakable items, please move if possible. I can’t move furniture or breakables.

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