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    Ignorance Isn’t Bliss- Exercising Defensive Safety Practices

    The video went viral. It was everywhere. Social media, television, and radio talk shows. Everyone was talking about it. It was one of the most heroic acts I’ve seen. And it was carried out by a toddler! The parent’s originally put up a video monitor in their twin boys’ bedroom so they could keep an

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    Christmas Dinner, Loosening Your Belt, & Garage Doors- Why You need to Inspect Your Garage Door Monthly

    Raise your hand if you had to go up a notch or two on your belt after eating Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks ago? Yeah, me too. I’m a runner so I’ve been prepping for Christmas dinner by running more the last few weeks. The more miles I run the more I can eat and

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    Home Inspection- Always the Right Decision

    There’s a marriage quote that goes like this, “In marriage one side is always right and the husband is always wrong.” That loud applause and roar you hear are all the wives out there on the inter webs affirming that quote. Guys, I hear the chorus of boo’s. Get ready to really put it on.

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    Water Damage-The Home Owner Scare Champ

    Today is Halloween. Cue the music from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960’s slasher/thriller Psycho. Outside of what happens November 8th it’s the scariest day of the year! Later this evening, “TRICK-OR-TREAT” will be heard in neighborhoods all across our America as little ghouls, witches, and spooks hold out their candy bags in search of high fructose corn

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    Snakes and Breaker Boxes Do NOT go Together.

    FYI: anytime you try and make a breaker box the foundation for your home you’re really risking serious injury or death. I was shocked to find this during one of my home inspections. This guy should have called me!

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    4 for Fall

    It’s that time of year again. Fall is here! The season change brings with it changes also in what we eat, wear, and do. Where are my pumpkin spiced latte, sweater wearing, and hayride enthusiasts? I love this time of year! With the relentless heat and humidity of summer in the rear view, cooler temperatures

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